Netflix’s ‘You Season 4′ Started Filming and Everything We Know So Far

Netflix's ‘You Season 4' Started Filming

Netflix’s ‘You Season 4‘ has begun filming. The announcement came from You’s official Twitter handle posted a Tweet confirming the commencement of production on season 4. The clapperboard shows that the episode is being directed by John Scott. You follow Badgley’s Joe Goldberg, a violent psychopath who becomes obsessed with his victims and goes to extreme lengths to be with them, whether it involves stalking, kidnapping, or murder. In October 2021, ahead of the third season premiere, the series was renewed for a fourth season.


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‘You season 4’ Plot Prediction?

You season 4‘ will likely take place in Paris, where we find Joe Goldberg in the final scene of the third season. Joe has moved to Paris, after faking his own death, in the hopes of tracking down Marienne who he believes to have moved to Paris with her young daughter.

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‘You season 4’ Release Date?

The release date for ‘You season 4’ is not yet confirmed by the streamers, You can expect a potential release date by late 2022 or in early 2023.

‘You season 4’ Trailer?

Netflix will reveal the ‘You season 4’ trailer and first look soon when the production is over. You need to wait some time to watch the season 4 trailer. For now, no trailer or first look teaser is available.

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