New Teen Titans Movie In Development

The Teen Titans are getting their own film from Warner Bros. It’s possible that the project will be named Young Justice League, which makes it sound like it’ll be more like the Young Justice squad from the comics and the iconic animated series. Batgirl and Nightwing are the only two characters we know will appear, but there will be several more.


The Teen Titans have had a strong run over the last few years. The teenage superhero squad had previously been ignored on television, but 2018 saw both their first cinematic appearance in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies! and their first live-action TV series in DC Universe’s Titans. If our sources are right, the team could be on its way to the b


In terms of the villain, HIVE is identified as the key threat in the current version of the film’s pitch. The villainous organization is a longtime adversary of the Titans in the source material, as well as making an appearance in Arrow season 4, so they’d be a good choice. Our source, however, warns that their involvement isn’t complete just yet.


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