New Thundercats Movie is in The Works

The original ThunderCats was about as great an example of an ‘80s action-adventure cartoon series as you can get, and the reboot series in the early 2010s took a more realistic approach to the franchise, with a more deeply layered plot. Thundercats’ different approach makes us wonder what tone the new film will take, and whether it will be directed more at adults or children. When we asked Wingard about Godzilla vs. Kong, he explained, “I don’t want [ThunderCats] to be just accessible to kids,” stressing that while children would enjoy it, he wants to create a film for everyone, especially those who grew up with the original.


“I do want this to feel like when you watch it, you’re watching the actual ‘80s cartoon series brought to life,” Wingard tells Den of Geek, teasing that “it’s going to be an adventure movie.” That’s pretty broad but ThunderCats is perfectly suited for an epic adventure.

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“It depends on how quick Face/Off 2 can happen,” he says. “We are further along on that, just because the first draft is done on Face/Off 2, and Simon and I are just getting started on ThunderCats, but you never know how these things go. I’m so excited about both of them, and I just loved the material that Simon and I have been coming up with. The advantage of doing Face/Off 2 first is that I’ve been making a film for the last few years. Godzilla vs. Kong has taken a large portion of my 30s. And so the idea of doing Face/Off 2 is pretty appealing just from the perspective that it’s relatively straightforward in terms of filmmaking. The VFX aren’t so crazy in it that it’ll take that long to do.”


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