Old Guard: Sequel Will begin filming in early 2022

It’s been confirmed! Charlize Theron revealed that the script for the sequel to her Netflix film adaptation of the graphic novel “The Old Guard” is finished. In the first quarter of 2022, the cameras will begin rolling. Marwan Kenzari and Luca Marinelli, who play a homosexual couple, will also return. “Oh, yeah!” exclaims Theron. “They’re unmistakably present.” Meanwhile, Vin Diesel tells me that a “Fast & Furiousspinoff for Charlize Theron’s character, Cipher, is in the works. The Oscar winner will not be appearing on “The Bachelor” as a guest host. You’d think that Theron, an outspoken

an admirer of the franchise would have been asked by the show’s creators.

Old Guard: Sequel Will begin filming

Valeria Golino has returned. The Italian actress made her American film debut in 1988 with “Big Top Pee-wee,” but hasn’t worked in the United States in over 15 years. She’ll be in Season 2 of “The Morning Show” soon. During a phone call from her home in Rome, she can’t reveal much, but the role is “dynamic, kind of like a fury.” She connected with Jennifer Aniston over their shared background during the four-month production in Los Angeles.

“We’re half Greeks from Aldor,” Golino adds, adding that she worked with Steve Carell the most. She describes him as a “brilliant performer.” “I told him he’s the next best thing to Peter Sellars,” I said. Golino did not have the opportunity to meet Reese Witherspoon. Maybe in Season 3, she’ll get her chance? Golino adds, “You never know.” “However, it’s possible that in Season 3, they won’t want [my character] around because she’s too much.” Pee-wee Herman, it turns out, has something to do with Golino’s new job: More than 30 years after casting her in “Big Top,” Victoria Thomas cast the actress in the Apple series.


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