Outer Banks season 2: Trailer Out With A Huge Heist

Outer Banks season 2: Trailer

This summer, Netflix will broadcast the second season of Outer Banks. We can start watching brand new episodes of the summer youth series on July 30th. Then, when season 1 premiered on Netflix in April 2020, we had to wait more than a year for a new season.

With a teaser, Netflix revealed that the second season of Outer Banks would premiere on July 30th. Then we receive a resolution to the major cliffhanger we were left with. In the first season, John B and Sarah got into a big fight. While their friends believe they are dead, John B and Sarah appear to be on their way to the Bahamas, where the wealth is hidden. check out the new poster below

Outer Banks season 2: Trailer

The quest for gold is still going strong. We can see how the plot picks up following the cliffhanger in the trailer. It also reveals that some of the filmings took place on the islands of the Bahamas. Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on July 30th, and a trailer is now released.


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