Pablo Larraín Is Set To Direct Netflix’s ‘El Conde’

Pablo Larraín Is Set To Direct Netflix's ‘El Conde’

Pablo Larraín is set to direct ‘El Conde’ for Netflix. The film is described as a black comedy picturing bloody Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as a 250-year-old vampire.

The film is directed by Pablo Larraín, who co-write the script with Guillermo Calderón. The film is produced by Juan de Dios Larraín at Fabula, the Larraín brothers’ Chile-based film-TV production house, and “Jackie,” all Larrain’s Chilean movies, and Sebastian Lelio’s 2018 Academy Award-winning ‘A Fantastic Woman.’

‘El Conde’ looks to drive deeper into some of the themes, mixing character analysis, drama and comedy, and a trenchant analysis of the makings of the modern world – not only in Chile but in global terms.

The historical black comedy revolves around Augusto Pinochet who is not dead but an aged vampire who, after 250 years in this world, has decided to die once and for all, due to ailments brought about by his dishonor and family conflicts, Netflix announced Friday.

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“We are very happy as Netflix is a place where directors whom I greatly admire have made really valuable movies,” said Pablo Larrain.

He added: “Using black comedy we want to observe, understand and analyze the events that have occurred in Chile and the world in the last 50 years. We have total confidence that we’ll do a good job and it will undoubtedly be an adventure: a demanding shoot, but very inspiring and meaningful.”

“Finally we can work with Pablo Larraín as a director. Participating in his next movie is truly an honor for us and will undoubtedly bring huge satisfaction to our members in Chile and around the world,” commented Francisco Ramos, Netflix vice president of content for Latin America.

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