Peacemaker Episode 4 Review: Butterfly Armies Are Stronger

Peacemaker Episode 4 Review

Peacemaker Episode 4 review: “The Choad Less Traveled” is filled with more killings. After taking down the Goff family, The Project Butterfly team speed up with the senator’s superpowered bodyguard, Judomaster. In episode 3 it is clear Judomaster hit and sustained. vigilantes are just awesome. The cops are trying to catch the enemies and put them into prison, vigilantes don’t like the idea he got them all. Peacemaker and Vigilante eagerly pull out guns and offer to execute Judomaster.

It’s interesting that not even Harcourt supports that approach, especially because her decision to try to keep Judomaster imprisoned just had a few minutes before giving her a lesson on tough choices. However, Peacemaker’s argument with his father’s nosy neighbor about why he’s better than Batman since he’s murdered all of his supervillains continues the issue in a funny way, an in-universe version of a debate fans and critics of the Dark Knight have been having for decades.

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Murn promises to finally explain what butterflies are later that night after chastising the Peacemaker for hesitating to kill a complete family, but events conspire to extend the mystery even further. Peacemaker finds of his father’s horrible improvising, which led to his arrest for his own crimes, and goes to see him against the desires of the rest of the team, unwittingly but inevitably disclosing facts about their operation. Even though she isn’t sure whether she is fit-out for this line of business, Adebayo shows that she has inherited part of her mother’s shrewd cruelty by convincing Vigilante to kill Auggie.

Peacemaker Episode 4 Review

In his callous dismissal of his son and slick handling of Vigilante’s attempts to push him into attacking him, Robert Patrick continues to give the strongest performance of the show. Auggie seems to be the most deadly character, even in the face of what appears to be a full-fledged extraterrestrial invasion. It also seems likely that we’ll see him in his imposing White Dragon costume on display in his lab as Peacemaker joyfully loots his collections of helmets. Those flaws in the armor that Vigilante points out seem to be blatant foreshadowing for a future fight.

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The flashback moment shows Auggie abusing Peacemaker shares his father’s racism. Overall Episode 4 is awesome with slow elements. Watch the Episode 4 on HBO Max.

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