Ramy Season 3 Trailer Has Dropped on Hulu

Ramy Season 3 Trailer Has Dropped on Hulu

Hulu unveils the first trailer for Ramy season 3. Ramy Youssef reprises his role as Ramy Hassan, the protagonist of the series and a millennial American Muslim who grapples with his faith and lifestyle, to the judgment of his friends and family. With a 10-episode, Ramy season 3 will premiere on September 30 on Hulu.

Season 3 follows first-generation, Egyptian-American Ramy Hassan (Youssef) and his family as they navigate spirituality in their politically-divided New Jersey neighborhood. Ramy continues to bring a new perspective to the screen as it explores the challenges of what it’s like to be caught between a religious community who believes life is a moral test, and a millennial generation that doubts an afterlife even exists. In the third season, his family is forced to confront having lived a life dedicated to worldly concerns — and in some cases, lies — while Ramy all but abandons his spiritual journey, instead dedicating himself to him and his uncle’s diamond business.

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Check out the poster below.

Ramy Season 3 Trailer Has Dropped on Hulu
Image Source: Hulu

The show is created by Ramy Youssef, Ari Katcher, Ryan Welch. The series stars Ramy Youssef as Ramy Hassan, Mohammed Amer as Mo, Hiam Abbass as Maysa Hassan, Dave Merheje as Ahmed, Amr Waked as Farouk Hassan, May Calamawy as Dena Hassan, and Laith Nakli as Uncle Naseem.

Ramy Season 1 and 2 is now available on Hulu.

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