Ruben Östlund’s ‘Triangle of Sadness’ Starring Harris Dickinson Received a 7 Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes 2022

‘Triangle of Sadness’ Starring Harris Dickinson Received a 7 Minute Standing Ovation

Ruben Östlund’s ‘Triangle of Sadness’ starring Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean Kriek, and Woody Harrelson received a 7-minute standing ovation at Cannes 2022. “Triangle of Sadness is insane and over-the-top but brilliant. With so many twists and turns in the narrative, political and social comedy is explored through humor that will have you non-stop laughing. A must watch.”

Harris Dickinson got critical acclaim for his leading role in Ruben Östlund’s ‘Triangle of Sadness.’
He plays a male model who must survive after becoming stranded on a desert island alongside his influencer girlfriend and a handful of other survivors.

Triangle of Sadness is written and directed by Ruben Östlund, the film centers on a fashion model celebrity couple (Dickinson and Dean) who are invited on a luxury cruise for the ultra-rich.

The film stars Harris Dickinson as Carl, Charlbi Dean as Yaya, Woody Harrelson as Captain Thomas Smith, Zlatko Burić as Dimitry, Iris Berben, Sunnyi Melles as Vera, Henrik Dorsin, Dolly De Leon as Abigail, Vicki Berlin, Oliver Ford Davies, and Arvin Kananian as Darius.

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The Playlist reviewed the film as “It’s one of modern life’s most beguiling paradoxes that social media influencers are, of course, the scum of the earth, and yet the pop culture skewering them always plays so uncharitably that a viewer feels compelled to defend the indefensible. Ruben Östlund comes out swinging against Instagrammers in the first third of his new film “Triangle of Sadness,” which joins a pair of logged-on models after a casting-call prologue introducing us to the chiseled Carl (Harris Dickinson, cementing his place in the next generation of movie stars).”

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