Ryan Reynolds In Free Guy New Action-Packed Clip With Jodie Comer

Ryan Reynolds In Free Guy

The First Clip of Ryan Reynolds & Jodie Comer starring Free Guy is released now. where Reynolds is an NPC who goes rogue.

The latest action-comedy starring director Shawn Levy centers on an NPC in Free City, a raunchy GTA-style shooter. Free Guy ends up defying the system and his own programming, and while he is the film’s heart and soul, most of the action takes place in the real world, with characters like Jodie’s Millie Rusk Eat.

Millie is on a mission to find out who stole her Free City code, and she ultimately contacts Guy via her avatar, Molotov Girl. Molotov Girl and Guy penetrate a particularly guarded area in Free City to obtain a much-needed digital clue that ultimately leads to deadly conflict watch the clip above.

Free Guy will hit the theaters on 13 August 2021

Ryan Reynolds In Free Guy


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