Sam Levinson’s Weekend to Co-write Star in the New HBO Series From ‘Euphoria’

TesFaye will return to acting in a position that will not be delegated in a club to be punched. Abel “The Weeknd” The artist named Grammy and his creative producer Reza Fahim develop The Idol of HBO drama series. The singer and co-writer and executive producer, Sam Levinson, will perform in the series. Fahim and Euphoria. The Idol focuses on a famous pop star who crosses tracks with a mysterious owner of this club. The budding relationship contains, however, dark secrets, especially the secret cults which the enigmatic man in L.A. leads into the subterranean.


Whether Tesfaye will be the leader or an undisclosed leader is unclear. But if his creative direction is any indication for his recent After Hours era, he can very well take the role off. After all, a lot of the album visuals relied heavily on lighting and surreal imaging. The concept of collaboration between Tesfaye and Levinson in the style remains fascinating though the Tammi Brothers, who designed and directed After Hours visuals, are not involved in this process. Hopefully that is not another attempt, unlike a certain other project, to explain the falls of art critique or society in general.

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