Sarah Shahi Teases Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Appearance in the Screen

Sarah Shahi Teases Dwayne

Black Adam is a DC Extended Universe concept that has finally gotten off the ground. Dwayne Johnson, who spent years planning and pushing that the idea is put into production, eventually got it. The story follows Teth-Adam through his struggle and suffering until he becomes the first Mage Shazam champion and succumbs to a desire for justice and power that will ultimately undermine his ideals, making it one of the most anticipated features among DCEU fans.

Sarah Shahi said that “The Rock is amazing in this movie. DJ (Dwayne Johnson) is amazing. We have a great cast on ‘Black Adam’, and he was so fun and professional during the production. I think he’s really amazing in this role.”

Sarah Shahi Teases Dwayne

Sarah Shahi will feature both Isis, Teth-wife, Adam’s, and her descendant Adrianna Tomaz, who is billed as “a university professor battling for freedom heading the resistance in Kahndaq” in “Black Adam.” In the comics, Adrianna Tomaz discovers the Amulet of Isis, which grants her goddess-like abilities, making her one of DC Comics’ most powerful women, but under-explored. Mastery over the elements of nature, including the weather, as well as super-strength, flight, durability, super speed, and telekinesis, are among Mighty Isis’ powers.

Mr. Fate is played by Pierce Brosnan, Atom Crusher is played by Noah Centineo, Cyclone is played by Quintessa Swindell, and Black Hawk is played by Aldis Hodge. The film will be directed by Jaume Collett-Serra and will be released in July 2022.

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