Scarlett Witch Can Travel Between Universes- Wanda Is More Powerful Than You Think

Actress Elizabeth Olsen Confirmed That Scarlett Witch Can Travel Between Different Universes, A Power Hinted At But Never Shown In Wanda Vision Series

Scarlett Witch Can Travel Between Universes – Talking about the character on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, Elizabeth Olsen said: “She has a few fun powers. You know, telekinesis, she can travel between universes…” Olsen trailed off there, possibly after realizing that she’d said a little too much about Wanda’s abilities! Now Wanda’s powers have not been fully explored in the MCU, but so far it looks like they are going similar to the comics powers. 

Scarlett Witch Can Travel Between Universes

In the comics, Wanda’s powers were first described as a low probability altering field, or Hex bolts as she liked to call them. What her powers used to do, was alter probabilities in her favor, however, they were very chaotic for a very long time. This was later reasoned as being under the influence of Chthon, who was a demon of chaos, and he was buried deep within Wundagore Mountain, which also happened to be the birthplace of Wanda.



With time and practice, she got better control of her powers, but that then came with a drawback, she needed time to concentrate in order to get the effect she wanted, so she would often be at the edge of the battles, and all it took was a small distraction, or for her to get hit with a projectile of any sort and her powers would go amiss again.

Scarlett Witch Can Travel Between Universes

During all this time, Wanda and Vision had kids, and these were later revealed to be partly her imagination and reality altering powers, mixed with an infusion of another demon called Master Pandemonium, who came looking for the parts of himself that were inside the twins.


And then the ultimate realization of her powers, where she had a breakdown, attacked the Avengers using Jack of Hearts, Vision, and She-Hulk to start with by getting them to attack the Avengers (Jack of Hearts came and exploded in the grounds, Vision flew a quintet into them, and She-Hulk ripped Vision in half), she then created a new reality where Mutants ruled (House of M), and this culminated in the now classic ‘No More Mutants’ line.

Now back to the MCU. What they are starting to show with WandaVision, is not what people were first led to believe from the trailers.

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The trailers made us think that this could all be in Wanda’s mind, and that she was creating realities inside her own thoughts. Even Ep 1 had this thought process.


However by the end of Ep 3, what we have now seen is leading us to believe something different.

Scarlett Witch Can Travel Between Universes

What it now looks like, is that Wanda has actually moved to a small village. What she has done though, is altered the reality within the whole village. Everyone who was there has been altered in order to fit in with her reality. The appearance of the beekeeper is apparently SWORD trying to get in, to either help or contain her. Then we have Geraldine / Monica, who is also a member of SWORD. She managed to get in, but was altered by the reality field, and it was only when all the turmoil was going on that she managed to regain some of her original memories. These memories got Wanda worked up, and she ended up transporting Monica back outside the village, where SWORD have set up base while trying to find out what is going on.

Now in terms of her rewinding time, within her own reality bubble, we don’t know if she is actually rewriting history, or creating a new timeline. As this is a reality within a reality, is she actually altering time, or just rewriting her own reality. There is a possibility that she is not rewinding time, but the only way for us to see her altering her reality is to visibly go back a bit and show us what she is changing. For the people in her reality, there might not be any rewinding, just alterations to their memories, which they wouldn’t notice anyway.

For instance, a real life version, we are constantly rewriting history to make it fit with modern society.

There was a time when people owned slaves

Now there isn’t, but we know that some of our greatest figures from that time would have had slaves.

However, recent events are calling that we write certain things out of our narrative, and that we remove statues of people who owned slaves, regardless of what great achievements they brought for our cultures.

Now if we continue along that path, there will come a time when no-one will remember certain events, as they will have been rewritten and their stories will be different to how they are now.

We don’t need time travel for that. And that is similar to what Wanda has done. She hasn’t gone back in time, just altered peoples perceptions of the past. Certain things were not said or done, and other things were instead.

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