Season 5B of Lucifer is now available on Netflix.

Season 5B of Lucifer – Lucifer and Chloe had finally gotten together when we last saw our brave band of angels and humans. Although Lucifer stopped short of declaring her he loves her, it was as gratifying as anyone could have dreamed. Amenadiel discovered that his son is human, and Linda discovered the daughter she put up for adoption years ago while working as a realtor in Los Angeles.

The nefarious twin of Lucifer Even with Chloe nearby now, Michael persuaded Dan to shoot Lucifer in order to preserve his own soul, but our favorite angel shook off the bullets because he’s invulnerable to damage. Maze, speaking of souls, set out on a journey to obtain one of her own, siding with Michael against Lucifer in the process.

Can we talk about how strong Chloe Decker is? She was holding Azraels blade which makes humans murderous over the smallest things. Michael is the reason Lucifer is ‘dead’ – an extremely valid reason to let the blade take over. But she resists it. Her strength.


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