Sebastian Stan And Lily James on the set of Hulu’s Pam And Tommy

Sebastian Stan And Lily James

In the upcoming Hulu series, Sebastian Stan And Lily James will play Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

After a long day of filming in Los Angeles, California, Lily James and her co-star Sebastian Stan, 38, was seen heading to their trailers. During a break from filming, the actress, 32, was seen removing her blonde wig in favor of her natural brown locks as she went for a walk.

Sebastian Stan And Lily James

Lily wore a gorgeous blue two-piece with a loose-fitting knit top and matching shorts and looked effortlessly elegant. Lily put on a denim jacket after exiting her trailer, and she wore fluffy black shoes for maximum comfort.

Sebastian wore a black top with dragon-print shorts and a sweatshirt, just like his real-life counterpart Tommy.

Sebastian Stan And Lily James

Sebastian wore black Converse and combed his dyed-black hair in a slicked-back manner, channelling Mötley Crüe’s rocker.

Pamela Anderson’s new Hulu series is based on her difficult three-year marriage to rocker Lee, which saw them marry in 1995 and participate in their infamous sex video.

Pamela and Tommy, both 58, have two sons, Brandon, 24, and Dylan, 23, and were regarded as one of the most outlandish celebrity couples of their time.

According to The Sun, Pamela thinks the ‘God terrible’ show is a farce and has never heard of Lily or Sebastian, who have already been applauded for their metamorphosis despite not having Pamela’s blessing.

Sebastian Stan And Lily James

‘Pamela has no intention of watching this godawful show,’ she says emphatically. ‘Never…,’ according to a person who spoke to the paper.
‘She hasn’t heard of the performers portraying her or Tommy and has no desire to learn about them. ‘She and her family believe the show is a rip-off.’

‘To them, the whole thing is a joke,’ the insider continued.

Last Friday, Lily and Sebastian demonstrated their uncanny likeness to the former couple by imitating the iconic 2005 photo of Pamela, 53, yanking on Tommy’s, 58, nipple ring with her teeth.

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Lily was converted into the blonde bombshell in an all-black leather attire that accentuated her cleavage in a black leather vest in another photo.


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