Sex Education Season 3 Review: The Gang Is Back

Sex Education Season 3 Review

Sex Education Season 3 includes new characters such as Hope Hadden, the new head of the school who makes a strong first impression while also being an authoritative figure. The first episode foreshadows some significant changes at Moordale High.

Maeve continues to become close to her next-door neighbor Isaac, whom we all despise after the Season 2 finale, while Otis is now in a casual relationship with Ruby Matthews.

Sex Education Season 3 Review

A new ‘Sex King’ arrives at Moordale High, and his counsel lands a kid in trouble. Otis pursues him and threatens to inform the school about his side business, but the ‘Sex King’ responds by threatening to inform everyone about his and Ruby’s connection. Otis attempts to keep his secret connection a secret, but ultimately the entire school learns about it.

Ruby confesses she’s ashamed to be spotted by him when hooking up in a hidden area. If she feels humiliated by Otis, he informs her they are done. Jean, Otis’ mother, is pregnant with Jakob’s child, but she hasn’t told him yet. She drives by his house, again and again, trying to get the guts to tell him about the baby.

Dex, a student, seeks guidance from the new “Sex King” and finds himself in an awkward predicament. Maeve and Otis come upon a distraught Dex and offer him advice on his sex predicament. Otis realizes that giving sex advice to another student is unlawful, so he goes to Hadden and informs him that the sex clinic is still operating illegally, but it isn’t managed by him or Maeve.


Ruby informs Otis that now that everyone knows about them, they may still see each other and kiss in public to show themselves. The abandoned bathroom gets demolished at the end of the episode. Is this to say that the sex clinic is no longer open.

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As always, the entire cast is fantastic. Asa Butterfield is fantastic as Otis, Gillian Anderson is fantastic as Dr. Jean Milburn, Emma Mackey is fantastic as Maeve, and Ncuti Gatwa has a lot of hilarious and touching sequences as Otis’ best friend Eric, but Mimi Keene is given the most to do as Ruby and steals the show this time around. Her growth is cranked up to eleven in comparison to the previous two seasons, and she has the most heartbreaking character arc ever. She is emotive and demonstrates her versatility as a young actor, something I did not anticipate going into season three.

Jemima Kirke’s Hope Haddon, the new headmaster of Moordale, is the final great performance I’d want to mention. She appears to be this youthful, funny new headmistress at first look, but as the series develops, you discover a deeper and far more emotional aspect to her character that surprised me. She has a lot of depth, and the way she plays off all of the kids is great, and she does so in a frightening way, which keeps the tension high.

The third season of Sex Education is a near-perfect television show. From beginning to end, it’s sweet, joyful, and incredibly fun, and it could well be the finest season ever. The entire ensemble once again knocks it out of the park, leaving you eagerly anticipating season four. The finest television series you’ll see this year!

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