Shadow And Bone Star Freddy Carter Has Reportedly been Cast In Apple TV+

Shadow And Bone star Freddy Carter has reportedly been cast in the Apple TV+ series ‘Masters of the Air’, alongside Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Barry Keoghan, and Anthony Boyle.

It’s this: In these stressful times, the viewing public is hungry for escapist fantasy entertainment, as Netflix found from its smash 2020 success The Witcher. And not just any version of the genre; the sort with big-budget effects, intricate world-building, convoluted relationships, and complex, interconnecting stories that you can lose yourself in happily.

Shadow And Bone Star Freddy

In the stories, Alina Starkov frequently feels like an outsider among her peers. Because she is mixed-race, her sentiments of being an outsider are given extra depth in the programme. Her mother is from Shu Han, a nation at war with Ravka, the series’ principal setting, and which acts as a Grishaverse proxy for East Asia. In the drama, Jessie Mei Li plays Alina, and her ability to empathise to Alina’s struggles with prejudice and not being deemed “Shu enough” is clear in her portrayal. This extends beyond her remarkable acting ability as a relative rookie to film acting, to her own personal experiences with prejudice as a mixed-race Asian woman.


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