‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Death Dealer Is Behind The Mask

death dealer

Death Dealer Will Save Shang-Chi?

The Death Dealer is said to be a warrior of the ten rings and a former mentor of Shang-chi, Presumably during his childhood training. Standing side by side with wenwu during the scenes, the death dealer’s eventual fight with Shang-chi could point him to being a loyal subject of the mandarin. The death dealer is described as “one of the most formidable opponents Shang-chi has ever faced”

As We can see Death Dealer Training Shang-Chi In The Trailer

death dealer

In Marvel cinematic universe death dealer not supposed to be a masked man. MCU Fans witness the real Mandarin Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings trailer. As seen in the upcoming Shang-Chi film, Death Dealer appears to be a key member of the Ten Rings group headed by Mandarin, who is also called the Wenwu and who has made him a comic hybrid Fu Manchu, the father of Shang Chi, a mentor, and an antagonist. It is apparent, though, that Death Dealer has already contributed to Shang-childhood, Chi’s as the trailer shows a blowout, where the masked adversary stands next to a Mandarin who is always a boy at this stage and motivates Shang-Chi to hit a post over and over. In reality, this scene offers a frenetic confrontation between the mystery character and an adult Shang-Chi in the trailer later on.


Shang-Chi clearly gave Death Dealer a big upgrade to an extremely forgotten 1982 comic book arc from a limited life which began with Kung-Fu #115 master. The tale from London originally represented Li Ching-Lin, a former MI6 agent, who was driven out by his ruthless tactics. Shang-Chi, who was himself an MI6 agent at this point, is therefore responsible for chasing the rogue agent. Lin was a hidden weapon for Fu Manchu, who later endowed him with a black suit, skull mask and Death Dealer name. The effort was ultimately complicated.

Unlike other allegedly dead characters in the Marvel Universe, death was final in Death Dealer; a notion that gives a feeling of suspense to the resurgence of the character’s film.

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