SM Entertainment Founder Lee Soo Man Reveals Hollywood Producers To Create A Film Exploring (SMCU)

SM Entertainment Founder Lee Soo Man Reveals

SM Entertainment conducted an online SM Congress 2021 on June 29 to announce its vision and goals for the remainder of the year. aespa took part in a discussion moderated by Lee Soo Man, the founder and executive producer of SM Entertainment. He began by congratulating aespa on their successful debut with “Black Mamba” and their most recent return single, “Next Level.”

“I was really grateful that many people covered our addictive dancing movements as we were promoting ‘Next Level,’” Karina said. I couldn’t believe it when we were nominated for first place with ‘Next Level.’

SM Entertainment Founder Lee Soo Man Reveals

They then moved on to aespa’s dramatic SM Culture Universe video, which was published earlier this month. So yet, only one episode, dubbed “Black Mamba,” has been broadcast.

“We’re developing a new universe called the SMCU (SM Culture Universe), and you (aespa) are the first ones to enter this world,” Lee Soo Man revealed. We’ll illustrate this planet using a new genre I invented called CAWMAN.”

CAWMAN stands for Cartoon, Animation, Webtoon, Motion Graphics, Avatar, and Novel, and it is this format that SM Entertainment will use to represent their SMCU. The genre SMP (SM Music Performance), which describes SM Entertainment’s music style, which incorporates various distinct genres and aspects, is at the heart of CAWMAN.

“If you watch the video, you’ll witness animations and motion graphics,” Lee Soo Man concluded. For the first time, aespa will launch this new culture by generating CAWMAN-themed episodes.” He also indicated that talks about a possible Hollywood picture were in the works. “Aespa and ae-aespa go on an adventure to Kwangya,” Karina explained the plot of their SMCU universe. I’m sure a lot of people want to know if they’ll fight the Black Mamba. This year, we’re planning a lot of different stuff to extend the tale from Season 1, so stay tuned.”

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aespa’s SMCU series watch the episode1 below!


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