Sony Renamed The SPUMC As Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Sony Renamed The SPUMC

Sony has announced that its standalone Marvel world will be known as “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.” While the term is new, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU) has been around for a while, with Venom (2018) serving as the franchise’s first official entry. The SSU is different from, but adjacent to, Disney/Marvel Studios’ continuing series of films, despite the fact that Sony’s films draw from Marvel Comics mythology and even contain some famous names from the MCU.

Spider-Man: No Way Home First Official Trailer

In the 1990s, Marvel Comics had financial difficulties, leading the business to sell off the film rights to some of their most popular concepts in order to stay alive. Despite the fact that Marvel has since created its own in-house film studio under the Disney banner, Sony bought the rights to Spider-Man and his pantheon of villains around this time and has kept them to this day. The web-slinging hero did finally join Disney’s MCU in Captain America: Civil War in 2016, but that didn’t stop Sony from launching their own movie universe centered on Spider-many Man’s foes a few years later.

Sony announced during their CinemaCon presentation this year that their Spider-Man-inspired film collection will be dubbed “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.” Despite the fact that Peter Parker’s altered identity is mentioned in the title, it is unknown whether the original Spider-Man will feature in any of the forthcoming SSU flicks. However, it’s conceivable that the widely publicized rights battle between Disney and Sony ended in a deal allowing the legendary superhero to appear in both series.

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Sony Renamed The SPUMC

In upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s extremely probable that the same narrative device will be utilized to justify Tom Holland playing two different versions of the same character at the same time. For broad viewers, the ultimate product might be confusing, which would give Sony an incentive to differentiate their Spider-Man from Disney’s. And, given the studio’s stated intention to continue with the character, it’s a fair guess that more Sony’s Spider-Man Universe material is on the way.


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