Spider-Man 3 (2007) Deleted Scenes


Spider-Man 3: Editor’s Cut was released on the Spider-Man Limited Edition Blu-ray collection on June 13th, 2017, during the build-up to Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film contains Christopher Young’s previously unreleased music and is two minutes shorter than the theatrical version. Some sequences have been rearranged or eliminated entirely, and the film includes three deleted scenes, three alternate scenes, and one extended scene. Later, as part of the Spider-Man Legacy Collection 4K Blu-ray Box Set.

Scenes in the Editor’s cut 

  • Peter is sitting around contemplatively while he feels drawn to the black suit again
  • The alternate scene where Ursula told Peter that Mary Jane called by phone but in a shy way, Peter hesitates opens the box and reaches for its content with a smile on his face
  • Black-Suited Spider-Man swings away from the Daily Bugle to his apartment after Eddie Brock being fired in the alternate opening of the mansion scene
  • Peter is lying on the couch all of a sudden and his response is much more chilled/cooler
  • Mother Emma is at the park with Flint’s daughter Penny, she talks about her dad who once again didn’t make it, Penny then gets closer to a sand castle and keeps looking at it, in this shape, Flint is able to see her again, with determination, he says he could not be stopped anymore
  • Harry sees the broken picture of him with Peter and Mary Jane, he contemplates and makes the decision to help Spider-Man – without having to be convinced/talked into it by anybody else.


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