Spider-Man Will Join Avengers Game On This Fall

Spider-Man Will Join Avengers

Despite Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics‘ lengthy quiet on Spider- Man’s involvement in Marvel’s Avengers, the character is still coming later this year. Crystal Dynamics announced just before the game’s release that Spider-Man will be added to Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation-exclusive DLC character sometime in 2021. However, no further information was provided, leaving fans to wonder what the hold-up is.

With only four months left in the year, many fans are hopeful that the web-slinger would appear in Marvel’s Avengers by the end of the year. Fans have no clue what Spider-Man will look like in the setting of Marvel’s Avengers right now because the developer has kept the character under tight wraps. While other characters’ identities have been revealed, Spider-Man remains a complete mystery. However, it appears that supporters will not have to wait much longer.

Meanwhile, things might still alter or move, but Crystal Dynamics appears to be very confident in its ability to produce Spider-Man by the end of 2021. Because the future of Marvel’s Avengers after the forthcoming War for Wakanda expansion is uncertain, it’s conceivable that Spider-Man will be included in the game’s next major update. Given that Marvel’s Avengers’ Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive, it’s difficult to determine how significant his inclusion will be.

Spider-Man Will Join Avengers

Crystal Dynamics may include him in a future update so that Xbox gamers aren’t kept in the dark about new content and everyone has something to do, but specifics are still scant. In any case, it appears that Spider-Man will be revealed shortly, and fans will no longer have to wonder if the character has been delayed or perhaps scrapped. In the near future, thanks to the War for Wakanda update, Black Panther will be the next playable character to join the roster of Marvel’s Avengers. It’s presently unknown if Spider-Man will contribute to the bigger plotline in Marvel’s Avengers or whether he’ll mostly serve as a playable character with little to no impact on the plot.

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