Squid Game Is Netflix’s biggest series Launch Ever At 111M views Till Date

Squid Game Is Netflix's biggest series

The unexpected Squid Game series has reached the top of Netflix’s Top 10 in numerous regions since its premiere last September. Even if the conclusion is a bit frustrating, if the public responds positively, the South Korean production may become the platform’s biggest hit ever. Despite the first season’s nine roughly one-hour episodes, a Season 2 would be necessary to properly wrap up the story arcs and answer questions left unanswered at the end.


Notably, in the case of Hwang Jun-ho, the cop featured in the second episode. He looks for his missing brother, who received a card that was identical to the other participants, and connects the dots with Gi-(Lee hun’s Jung-jae) police station report. The cop then infiltrates the island where the games are held, acting as a coverall-wearing employee.


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Squid Game Is Netflix's biggest series

WI HA-JUN replied to Deadline that,


Squid Game has really blown up since its Netflix debut. How has that affected your day-to-day and what has been the craziest thing that happened to you since it dropped?


“I would say the craziest thing that happened to me is having an interview right now with one of the biggest media companies in the world. I also went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon which was quite crazy. I’m receiving tons of messages from fans around the world on my social media account. All of these events are really surprising and new to me, and that fills my heart with joy all the time.”

You’ve appeared in much lighter titles, including 18 Again and Romance Is a Bonus Word, which have a different tone than Squid Game. What struck you about Jun-ho’s character that made you want to join this series?

“I like this genre myself and I was so fascinated by the script, revealing this shocking event from the eyes of an owl – as an outsider. That was what captured me and was why I decided to join the project.”

The guy discovers the truth about his missing brother, who happens to be the right-hand man of the business in charge of the competition, at the end of the season. As he attempts to flee the island, the latter shoots him. But, given that Jun-ho was shot in the shoulder, the water cushioned his fall, and his body was never shown onscreen, one may be inclined to assume the series abandoned him. For the character’s return, all doors and windows are wide open.

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Despite the popularity of the South Korean series, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk stated that he did not have clear plans for a sequel and that if a second season was confirmed, he would hire writers and directors. There’s little question that Netflix would like to renew the series as well, considering that the platform is presently looking for a suitable framework for the author, who must first return to the big screen with a tentatively titled picture titled KO Club (for Killing Old Men Club ). As a result, the conclusion remains the same: this sequel risks prolonging the wait.


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