Superman Will Return In Black Adam Reports

superman vs blackadam

Superman Vs Black Adam

It’s being reported that man candy Henry Cavill is close to agreeing to cameoing as Superman in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam movie. This report comes from Mikey Sutton who’s the Editor and owner of Geekosity. “Henry Cavill‘s Superman could now return in The Rock’s first Black Adam film. Insiders explain that the return will most likely be a cameo.” Sutton then added: “Sources indicate these are ideas he’s had for years, even before Justice League was initially released.”


Recently The rock has said multiple times he wants to fight Henry’s superman. As we all know Superman is more powerful than black adam. But the thing is it’s not simple to win black adam because Black Adam is an ancient Egyptian named Teth-Adam (i.e., “Mighty Human”), he is almost powerful as the level of Shazam.



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