Superman’s Reboot May Be in Batman 2022

superman fight

As the DCEU gets two more versions of the two DC icons, the next Superman reboot will take place in the Batman universe. Although the DCEU has taken the Justice League to the big screen, Warner Bros. has adopted the Multiverse concept. Previously, the studio would stop showing several versions of a single character on the same screen at the same time.

According to rumors, the next Superman adaptation would concentrate on a black Man of Tomorrow, suggesting that it will not be Clark Kent. The project is still in the early stages of production, so it will be some time before it is completed and published. Could the new Man of Steel be set in the same universe as Pattinson’s Batman, given Warner Bros.’ embrace of the DC Multiverse? Despite the fact that the two reboots are likely to clash,


During principal photography for The Batman, a plethora of hints and Easter eggs were discovered on set. One of the surprises was a hint that Superman would appear in the upcoming franchise. Extras dressed up as Superman and Wonder Woman were seen on set late last year, hinting at some DC ties in this universe.

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