Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 3 Canceled On HBO Max

Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 3 Canceled On HBO Max

Sweet Life: Los Angeles is not forwarding with season 3 on HBO Max. The show, created and produced by Issa Rae, has been canceled after two seasons. The show is inspired by both the Frank Ocean song after which it is named and the BET reality television show Baldwin Hills.

According to Deadline, The news of Sweet Life: Los Angeles cancelation came from voguing competition series Legendary was canceled after three seasons, and FBoy Island was canceled after two seasons.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 3 Canceled On HBO Max
Image Source: HBO Max

Sweet Life: Los Angeles Plot

Sweet Life: Los Angeles synopsis follows, A close group of African-American friends in their 20s, as they live their lives in South Los Angeles striving for “Black Excellence. this coming-of-age series follows a group of longtime friends in South Los Angeles as they navigate the relatable, chaotic mid-20s moments at the quarter-life mark and propel each other into adulthood success.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles Cast

The series stars Amanda Scott, Briana Jones, Jerrold Smith II, Cheryl Des Vignes, Jordan Bentley, P’Jae Compton, Tylynn Burns, Rebecca Magett, Rob Lee, and Jaylenn Hart. Executive producers are Rae, Jimmy Fox, Leola Westbrook, Montrel McKay, Sun De Graaf, and Sheri Maroufkhani.

Is Sweet Life: Los Angeles Season 3 Canceled?

According to HBO Max, HBO Max has been canceled Sweet Life: Los Angeles after season 2. This is the third unscripted series to be canceled at HBO Max this week.

According to Keke Palmer, “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” received a high-profile recommendation as she was in the middle of streaming season two of the reality series.

Warner Bros. Discovery will be merging with HBO Max and Discovery+ in spring 2023. As part of this, HBO Max is currently removing some of the reality show content as it combines the programming on Discovery+ which includes lifestyle reality series’ like 90 Day Fiancé, home improvement shows like Christina on the Coast and Fixer Upper, as well as cooking shows like The Pioneer Woman and Magnolia Table.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles season 1 and 2 is now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Deadline

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