Tara Strong Teases “There’s Much More To Be revealed” With Miss Minutes In Loki

Tara Strong Teases “There’s Much More To Be revealed”

Tara Strong had to audition for her fan-favorite character Miss Minutes despite having almost 600 voice jobs in her illustrious voiceover career. Strong was originally entrusted with bringing the Time Variance Authority‘s animation mascot to life in a Jurassic Park-inspired orientation film that informed Loki about his present situation. On the other hand, Miss Minutes appeared in episode two as a hologram who briefly interacted with Loki. Strong was more than pleased to audition for such an intriguing character, despite her extensive resume.

Tara Strong Teases “There’s Much More To Be revealed”

Strong says The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s really fairly shocking for many people to realize that most voice actors — even those who have been in the profession for 30 or 40 years — typically audition for parts they’ve previously had.” “Even if they have hours and hours of footage on you for a character you’ve previously done, you have to keep proving yourself in auditioning for new studio people and new showrunners. So I was delighted to audition, and luckily, it went well.”

While Strong is unable to speculate on Miss Minutes’ future, she can assure us that we haven’t seen the last of her. Strong teases, “I can cryptically suggest that you’ll see her again.” “There’s a lot more to come, and it’s exciting to watch it all unfold. The fascinating thing about this character is that you have no idea who she is, where she came from, what her origin story is, how sentient she is, whether she even has a horse in this race, or what her objectives are if any. You’re left wondering all the time, just as in any excellent, exciting adventure, whether on TV or in a movie. So she’s a fascinating character, and she’ll stay that way.”

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Most fans believed Strong’s Southern accent was a nod to Mr. DNA’s Southern accent when Loki director Kate Herron told THR that Miss Minutes’ introductory video was inspired by Jurassic Park’s Mr. DNA animation, but that wasn’t the case.

Strong says, “I didn’t even know that until I saw Kate Herron talking about it in an interview.” “When I first started watching some of the material, I didn’t even make the connection. But it’s a great contrast because they’re both juxtaposing high-end, current technology with really simple, vintage 1960s and 1970s animation.”

Strong discusses the audition process for voice parts in a recent interview with THR, and she also explains why she wants greater synergy between live-action and animated comic book characters.


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