Taylor Swift Is Planning to Direct Her Own Feature Film

Taylor Swift Is Planning to Direct Her Own Feature Film

Taylor Swift is planning to write and direct her own feature film. Taylor is best known as a singer-songwriter, she appeared at the Tribeca Festival as a director, a role she’s only taken on in recent years, first helming her music video for “The Man” and, just months ago, directing her short film, All Too Well.

Taylor Swift Is Planning to Direct Her Own Feature Film

Taylor was joined by surprise guests Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, she told about how she moved into directing.

“It started with meddling,” Taylor said. About 10 years ago, she explained, she started writing elaborate treatments for her videos and “outsourcing the directing,” but she saw taking the lens as a “natural extension of storytelling and writing.”

“It felt very natural to extend writing a song and visualizing it in my head to making a shot list and storyboarding it and picking who we wanted as the head of each department and who would help put all of this puzzle together,” Swift, who has also helmed the music videos for “Cardigan” and “Willow,” said. “And it’s been a different approach for each [project].”

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Swift said for a while she grappled with “imposter syndrome,” feeling like directing was “something that other people did.”

“I would just be around it and be in my head like, ‘I love that they did that’; ‘I would have done that differently,’” she said. “So the list of things that I was absorbing became so long that eventually I thought, ‘I really want to do this.’”

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