The Batman Ending Explained – See How The Batman Ends?

The Batman Ending Explained - See How The Batman Ends?

The Batman End up with a lot of questions and riddles. Read how The Batman ends?

Note: The below content includes Spoiler Alert.


The batman is set in the second year of Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl Thomas and Martha Wayne and his parents have been dead for 20 years. The Joker is already locked up in Arkham Asylum, Batman already has a close relationship with officer Gordon, and Bruce Wayne is starting to get the hang of being Batman. he’s still a little rough around the edges but for the most part, he’s Batman as soon as the movie begins which just so happens to be on Halloween the general part of the movie is that riddler is trying to shed light on the truth behind what’s going on in Gotham.

The Batman Ending Explained - See How The Batman Ends?

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Riddler is killing important people and leaving clues addressed to Batman these clues lead Batman to a specific individual who riddler wants to draw out so he can personally gun him down he already knows that he can’t get to this person by himself so he leads Batman right to him because he knows Batman will draw him out and unknowingly give riddler a chance to kill him.

Riddler views Batman as an ally during most of the film the first Riddler victim is mayor Don Mitchell JR., Riddler sneaks into his house and clubs him in the back of the head with a carpet-tucking tool and then continues to pummel him and eventually cuts off his thumb, Riddler leaves a riddle for Batman that leads him to discover that the happily married mayor was seeing a girl on the side this girl was the roommate of Selena Kyle who happens to work at the iceberg lounge which is run by the penguin or oz as they mainly call him in the movie shortly after the mayor is murdered Batman and Gordon find a USB thumb drive in one of his cars the drive is attached to the mayor’s severed thumb to get it to thumb drive anyway the drive.


Which contains photos of the mayor leaving the iceberg lounge with his side chick after Gordon views the contents of the drive it automatically emails the photos to a variety of media outlets publicly exposing the mayor, Batman tracks down Selena Kyle at the iceberg lounge follows her home and confronts her after she changes into her Catwoman year 2 outfit and tries to break into carmine Falcone’s place she was looking for her friend’s passport because carmine took. it to make sure she didn’t skip town. when Batman and Catwoman get back to her apartment it’s been trashed and her friend is missing Batman and Catwoman decides to work together.

Batman gives her contact lens cameras she goes back to work at the 44 below club the cd underbelly of the iceberg lounge a bunch of corrupt cops and people of importance are down there and Batman is using the feed from the contact lens camera to identify all these people she runs into the district attorney who’s been doing drugs and easily spills a ton of information when the da leaves the riddler is waiting for him in the da’s car and knocks him out fast forward to the funeral for the mayor.


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Bruce win is in attendance with Carmine and Penguin and many other people a car crashes through the church with the da inside a bomb collar around his neck and a cell phone duct tape to his hand Batman confronts him while the police wait outside and the riddler calls the phone riddler gives the da and Batman three riddles if Batman gets them right riddler won’t blow the da’s head off Batman gets the first two right with ease which reveals that the da is being paid off by an unknown person the third riddle requires the da to spill the beans on who’s paying him off but he won’t rat them out and the bomb explodes don’t worry Batman and he doesn’t die in the explosion it should also be noted that while lots of people shoot at Batman.

Throughout the movie, not a single person shoots at his head anyway Batman is knocked out from the explosion and taken to police headquarters no one takes off his mass because reasons and Gordon allows him to escape eventually the police commissioner who’s not Gordon yet is killed by riddler injecting him with arsenic and Batman figures out that the riddler’s next victim is none other than Bruce Wayne, Riddler mailed a package to Wayne manor but Alfred is one who opens it luckily he throws the package just before it blows up but it still lends Alfred in the hospital as the movie starts to come to an end through riddler’s clues.

Eventually, Bruce Wayne learns that his father may not have been as good as he once thought Thomas Wayne set up a billion-dollar fund known as a renewal fund that was supposed to help those less fortunate this was right around the time he was running for mayor. unfortunately, a reporter found out that (Martha Wayne) bruce’s mom had a nasty history with mental illness and even covered up murder the movie didn’t go into a lot of detail on this but it wasn’t a good look bruce visits Carmen Falcone as himself, not Batman who ends up telling him that he was the one who killed the reporter for Thomas Wayne.

This makes bruce think his dad was a bad man and that Salvatore Moroni was the one who had his father killed on that fateful night bruce then visits Alfred in the hospital who tells him that his dad never wanted carmine to kill the reporter and he only went to carmine because he was trying to protect his wife and family Alfred then tells Bruce that it was actually Carmine Falcone that had Thomas Wayne killed because Thomas was going to confess everything to the police since he felt so bad about the reporter dying Batman pays another visit to Carmen Falcone at the iceberg lounge but Catwoman got there first a little earlier in the film. Catwoman had confessed to Batman that carmine was her father Selena Kyle’s mother worked at the club and hooked up with carmine but even after her mother was killed by carmine himself he wouldn’t recognize her as his daughter.

Catwoman tries to gun down carmine but Batman interferes and walks him outside alongside officer Gordon this is the opportunity riddler needed to shoot Carmen Falcone dead it turns out riddler has been staying in an apartment right across from the iceberg lounge Riddler knew that he couldn’t draw carmine at himself so he led Batman to him knowing he would find out the truth about Thomas Wayne and go after carmen at the club to break it down even further riddler was extremely intelligent growing up as an orphan riddler resented Bruce Wayne because he also called himself an orphan but he was rich so he didn’t have to put up with the hardships that riddler went through he used his high intelligence to uncover all the corruption in Gotham after Thomas Wayne died carmine gained control of the city Falcone paid off the mayor the d.a and a number of police officers allowing him to control where the money from the renewal fund would go.

The Batman Ending Explained - See How The Batman Ends?

He ended up fueling it into his own pockets as well as the pockets of the corrupt politicians and criminals underground in addition to hating bruce for being rich rather also felt Bruce Wayne needed to pay for the sins his father made by working with Carmen Falcone.

Riddler also loved puzzles as a child and used his combined knowledge to one by one lead Batman through the corrupt web that surrounded gotham once again he had the intelligence but not the muscle to bring out carmine falcone that’s when he needed Batman for which is why he set up all these clues and left notes for Batman at each crime scene after riddler kills carmine Batman and the police raid his apartment and riddler goes to arkham he asks for a visit from Batman where he gives him one final clue this sends Batman back to the riddler’s apartment where he uncovers what’s basically a twitch or youtube page where riddler has been making videos for his 507 followers these are all people who share his ideals of uncovering the corrupt gotham by any means necessary before riddler was locked up he set a number of explosives and trucks along the water wall surrounding gotham they all go off at the same time flooding the city and forcing everyone to take shelter at gotham square garden the local sports arena rither knew this would happen because that’s the only safe place to be during the flood and sent his followers there dressed just like the riddler is in the movie and armed with rifles and shotguns with everyone corralled in the same spot they’re easy pickings for snipers and the raptors of the arena.

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Batman saves the day with the help of Catwoman but the movie ends with the city still being flooded and the national guard being called in Catwoman leaves saying she may be heading upstate to bloodhaven but Batman is staying in Gotham, believing that he can be the hope Gotham needs to become better just before the credits roll we see riddler in his cell in Arkham upset that Batman foiled his plan and the cell next to him is Barry Keown, who is listed as officer Stanley Markle on IMDB an unseen Arkham prisoner in the credits of the movie in reality this is the joker during the conversation between joker and riddler joker says the riddler’s trademark line riddle me this before hinting that they can both make a comeback by breaking out of Arkham and getting back at Batman and the city of Gotham all this is leading into the sequel that will almost certainly cover the no man’s land comic book run and also the penguin HBO Max show that will likely build-up to the events of no man’s land we talk more about all that.

At the very end of the film after the credits, a question mark command prompt appears this is what the riddler used throughout the movie whenever he was communicating through a computer to his fans or to Batman goodbye is typed out on the screen then it flashes and goes blank.

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