The Batman fight coordinator Daniel Arrias praises Robert Pattinson

The Batman

Daniel Arrias: fight Co-Coordinator / Fight Trainer on The Batman talking about how Robert Pattinson did much of the stunt work for Batman “He works hard. He works real hard. You know, that’s him in the suit, that’s him fighting”.Watch below the brief he told about Robert Pattinson and his action in the Batman

Matt Reeves gifting us a masterpiece in 2022. Robert Pattinson, who is most known for his future role as the next Batman and his previous role as young vampire Edward Cullen, has inked a multi-year agreement with Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema, as well as television work with Warner Bros. TV and HBO Max.

The Batman

In a statement released by The Hollywood Reporter, Pattinson stated, “Warner Bros Pictures and HBO have long been linked with groundbreaking cinema.” “I’m ecstatic to be working with them to find the most exciting new voices in cinema and television and to assist them in realizing their dreams. I’ve enjoyed working with the studio throughout the years and have a great deal of admiration for their devotion, willingness to take risks, and ambition to push the creative envelope.” Current The Batman Movie is wrapped up and in post-production work.


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