The Batman Review: Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight Battle With The Riddler

The Batman Review: Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight Battle

The Batman Review: Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight is bold, brilliant, exceptional, brutal and one of the best DC films of all time also the best Batman film. The Batman will be a game-changer across the DC universe. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is an epic detective noir. An impressive, lengthy cinematic journey.

The Batman Review: Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight Battle

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The film opens with younger, emotionally broken Bruce Wayne. The birth of Batman is in the comic style without losing his essence. The film runs in a detective-style in Gotham City. The audience gets to know why Batman needs in the city, Batman’s origin story, or why Bruce put on the mask. The plot is still fresh and does not touch the previous films. In the middle of the film Bruce from the shop and flipping through the pages, which was an accurate comic follow and done well.

In The Batman, Reeves explores a well-rounded characterization of Bruce’s psyche and his masked persona’s purpose, strange rumor, an awesome myth, a scary creature, a brutal vigilante, and a trusted hero. Reeves combines the previous Batman director’s detail, grittiness, and visual excellence of Snyder’s work and outstanding storytelling method. The film completely brings originality to the characters. Robert Pattinson’s effort will be one of the huge impacts for the film, his work over the last ten years gives him an excellent characterization.


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Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is darker, recluse, and a far cry from the billionaire playboy monikers that Bale and Affleck’s versions of the character mastered. This Bruce does not know how to appear in public, he only knows how to be Batman, with Bruce just an external avatar of the beast within. It is a classic Batman archetype but Pattinson is flawless in the role.

With Pattinson Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman make an awesome pair and Kravitz is the best live-action Selina Kyle to date. it’s like a page of a Comicbook is made for her. Kravitz’s Catwoman connection with Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is like an anti-hero type.

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Reeves made The Batman story equalized to Riddler, Penguin, and Carmine Falcone rounding the rogues’ gallery, Reeves expertly weaves Batman into confronting each villain at different times, once again resembling a wide-ranging, yet focused comic book story.

Overall, The Batman is one of the best Dark Knight films in the DC universe to date.

OUR RATING: 9.5/10

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