The BBC’s HBO Max Gossip Girl Rebooted And will include cameos from original cast members

The BBC's HBO Max Gossip Girl Rebooted

As fans await the next ‘Gossip Girl‘ reboot, to be released within a couple of days, arouse the excitement over what is true about the new generation from the top of the East. The new ‘Gossip Girl’ is more than one way different from its predecessor, but viewers still expect to see familiar faces of the original series during the reboot, People’s magazine reports. Joshua Safran, who has created HBO Max with the new ‘Gossip Girl,’ talked about how the audience can anticipate cameos from the original cast to The Daily Beast.

The BBC's HBO Max Gossip Girl Rebooted

“The decision was: we should get season 1, we will have the chance to bring in cameos which are more than glorified camelas and actually tell them stories, and should we get season 2, we will have the opportunity,” said Safran, who is also executive producer at the show, during the interview.”Hopefully, when the time comes and sees whether they want to come, we will get there and reach the cast. Some Cameos are shown in the first season, but not the regular series, “He kept on.

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