The Boys Season 3: A Digital Series From VNN (Vought News Network) Is Aired

The Boys Season 3 is still a long way off, but Amazon and the show’s creators are giving us something to tide us over while also filling in some of the plot holes between seasons. Amazon is creating a VNN digital series that will feature news pieces from the Vought News Network, the corrupt Vought Industries’ Fox News-like media branch, from within the setting of the satirical superhero series. watch the first episode below

Matthew Edison plays anchor Cameron Coleman in VNN’s “Seven on 7” segments, and he will also appear in season 3 of The Boys.

“We’ve seen Vought’s news station — VNN from the very beginning of The Boys,” showrunner Eric Kripke revealed in a statement to EW. “We’ll be delving further into that fair and balanced patriotism next season, so here’s a teaser: VNN’s greatest star Cameron Coleman hosts ‘Seven on Seven.’ The episodes are canon in the real world, providing brand-new material that fills in the gaps between seasons 2 and 3. So, just like your parents, enjoy the hot takes and catheter ads!”

The Boys Season 3: A Digital Series

Amazon teamed with the makers of The Boys to expand the show’s universe. The first six-minute episode, which premieres on Amazon’s new Vought International social media channels, is a nice illustration of how VNN will tease season 3 with plot morsels.


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