The Boys Season 3 Episode 6: Herogasm Got Its Greatest Battle Between Homelander and Soldier Boy

The Boys Season 3 Episode 6: Herogasm

The Boys Season 3 had its greatest event. In episode 5, Homelander figures out Soldier Boy is alive and his body temperature feels fear. ‘Herogasm‘ is worth waiting episode, there is a battle between Homelander and Soldier Boy at the end of the episode, and even Butcher and Hughie join the fight to kill Homelander. In the end, Homelander is down and the only way he finds out to escape is to fly to the sky.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 6: Herogasm

What Happens At The End of Herogasm?

The situation is out of control, Hughie teleports Starlight far away from the fight to keep her safe. Hughie admits that it bothers him that Starlight is more powerful than him. Marvin wants to fight Soldier Boy, he throws a smoke grenade. but it doesn’t matter to Soldier Boy. Billy told Marvin to stop moving forward. Soldier Boy started tracking, the loud music makes him explode. With the TNT Twins and several others dead. The Deep flees with his octopus while A-Train takes revenge on Blue Hawk and kills him by running the streets.

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Homelander finally enter the building, he met Billy and Soldier Boy. Homelander lasered Billy he will be down at the moment Soldier Boy mocks him by calling him a “cheap knock-off”. Homelander will fight Soldier Boy at that time Billy also helps to kill Homelander. There is footage that Homelander and Billy laser that was amazing. finally, Homelander flies off.

The Boys Season 3 Episode 6: Herogasm

Starlight records a public message going against Homelander. She reveals that Soldier Boy is to blame for the explosion and that something terrible has happened to Queen Maeve. And she ends the message by saying that she isn’t Starlight, she is Annie January and Starlight f**king quits.

‘Herogasm’ was expected, incredible. The whole supe orgy aspect wasn’t as crazy as it was getting hyped up to be but that was no problem for me. We got to see a lot of soldier boy, an awesome battle with him, butcher, Hughie against Homelander, and a Big Cliffhanger.

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