The Boys Season 3: Eric Kripke Says Filming Is Almost Completed

The Boys Season 3: Eric Kripke

On Tuesday, while celebrating The Boys‘ received five Emmy nominations, creator Eric Kripke previewed the third season of the Amazon series, as well as a forthcoming spinoff. Season 3 is already in production, according to Kripke, and he is “a little over three-fourths of the way through.” He went on to say that the upcoming season is “by far the most difficult production year of anything [he] has ever done.”

The Boys Season 3: Eric Kripke

While the previous two seasons of the superhero series focused on the issues affecting “America right now,” the third season will take a look back in time.

Through Jensen Ackles‘ character Soldier Boy, who has been a superhero since World War II, it will especially address “the last 50, 60 years of American history, and all the elements that lead us to where we are now.” “Through his eyes, we can examine a little bit of Vought [International] history—and through that, the satirical history of our society, themes like toxic masculinity and legacy, and all the things that arise from the echoes of the past,” Kripke said. “It’s something that, in my opinion, dives into the show’s prior history.”

According to Kripke, his The Boys spinoff will begin filming in 2022. He explained, “We’ve cast some amazing performers and we’re now writing, so we’re kind of buried.” “Every day, I spend time in a different writer’s room.”


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