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the falcon is new captain america

Yet another series comes to an end. They wrapped it all up beautifully.

They had many threads to close and did a decent job with it. There weren’t any surprises and unexpected twists. The one twist they had was fairly predictable. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Delivers Its best in previous episodes. It’s another milestone for marvel.


But none of it takes away its epicness. They did not waste much time getting into the crux of the plot and the ending was satisfying. They spend the latter half of the episode on the characters and their journeys. It was lovely and wholesome. This finale was really good and tied up all the threads while setting up for a lot of huge changes coming to the MCU. I absolutely loved the main character arcs for Sam and Bucky. They are friends and a true team now.


Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will leave an impression on you after this whole show. Both had been fantastic. The show has left some threads dangling to explore in the future. Particularly excited for one of them. To conclude, I would say this show has managed to find a balance between traditional MCU action storytelling with issues like racism and identity. Definitely another feather in Marvel’s cap. Now we fans are back to days of drought until Loki premieres in June. Have fun waiting.

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NB: Don’t miss the post credits scene.


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