The Falcon And The Winter Soldier New Episode Ending Scares Captain America Fans

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The Shield Is On Blood Now – Yes The New Captain America Brutally Murdered Flag-Smasher

Fans Are Shocked Of the brutal act of the ‘New Captain America’ John Walker,
In the season 4 ending scene suddenly John Walker chases Flag-Smasher. After somehow John Walker runs out his emotions and kills the Flag-Smasher brutally with the shield. That reminds me of Captain America Civil War while captain hitting Tony Stark/Iron Man in The chest with the shield.

Hoskins was right, power does make an individual more like themselves. For Walker, unfortunately, his true self is being motivated by the complexity of inferiority. As Dr. Erskine once said to Steve Rogers, “it was not a great soldier, but a good man” that was needed for the super military serum to function. Although Walker is the ideal soldier, he has only shown himself to be wrong. In MCU it’s a shocking moment for fans that first time a brutal murder in a series. The whole public was looking at john Walker’s Act

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steve rogers dropped the shield to protect one-man and time again without losing its integrity while john walker took the shield to defend his overlarge ego and ultimately taint it as a whole THAT’S the difference

Steve once was put in the same position that john walker was. but the difference is that Steve never let his anger take over no matter how badly hurt Bucky was. disrespect to that legacy.

Ayo The Highlight Of The Series

Wakanda Warrior Ayo stole every scene she was in… she really deprogrammed the winter soldier commands, handled john walker & intimidated everyone without breaking a sweat.

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Next episode of ‘The Falcon And Winter Soldier’ Will Release On Next Friday.

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