The final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on August 12

The final season of Brooklyn

Hurray !! The debut of the eighth and final season of NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is slated for August 12th. The timing is intentional, coming a week after the end of the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held on August 8.

The final season of Brooklyn
<strong>The final season of Brooklyn</strong>

The final season of Brooklyn – Andy Samberg heads a squad of officers from the NYPD’s 99th District, including Detective Jake Peralta, his coworkers, and Captain Raymond Holt, who is always professional (Andre Braugher). Jake and the squad had to juggle their personal and professional life throughout a challenging year last season. According to NBC, the sitcom attracted 24 million viewers in its seventh season, with an average of 5.1 million viewers in the 18-49 age bracket and 9.5 million viewers overall. check out the records of the series

The show first aired on Fox before being canceled. NBC, on the other hand, hosted the show for a sixth season in 2019, which aired in 2019. The show got renewed for another season even before the seventh season aired in the spring of 2020. The first six seasons are accessible on Netflix in Brazil, with the last season shown on the Warner channel for a fee. There is still no trailer for the first episode of the previous season available here.


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