The first look at the Black Panther expansion in Marvel’s ‘AVENGERS’ has been released

Marvel’s Avengers continues to follow the path it set out for itself. The Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics game has previously introduced players to Kamala Khan, also known as Kamala Khan. Ms. Marvel has added a pair of ace archers in Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, as well as ramping up A.I.M.’s antics, giving players enough to deal with in the form of tachyon storms and time-traveling problems. However, the game’s greatest expansion to date received a boost from the game’s E3 presentation.

The new Black Panther – War for Wakanda expansion was previously unveiled and showcased in beautiful detail during E3. We received our first glimpses of Wakanda, the royal palace, the heart-shaped herb sanctuary, and the Dora Milaje in superb fighting form. But there’s plenty of danger in this expansion, which will be available for free in August, thanks to Marvel’s wise decision to include various Black Panther costumes and skins, as well as opportunities to team up with other Avengers and multiple battles against the big bad Ulysses Klaw, who somehow manages to grow even bigger by the story’s end.



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