The First Look Of Dakota Johnson In The Lost Daughter Is Out

The First Look Of Dakota Johnson

The first look of Dakota Johnson in The Lost Daughter is revealed. A little kid is behind her on the lakeside. Maggie Gyllenhaal set her directorial debut in The Lost Daughter. The film will star Oscar winner Olivia Colman in the lead role, with Dakota Johnson, and is based on Elena Ferrante’s 2006 novel of the same name. recently Dakota Johnson & Paul Mescal Romance At ‘The Lost Daughter’ After-Party Of 59th New York Film Festival.

The First Look Of Dakota Johnson

The plot revolves around When Leda (Olivia Colman) is alone on a beach vacation, she becomes obsessed with a young mother (Dakota Johnson) and her daughter. Leda is terrified by her own recollections of the dread, bewilderment, and intensity of early motherhood, which are exacerbated by their magnetic relationship (and their raunchy and dangerous extended family). Leda is thrown into the weird and ominous realm of her own mind by an impulsive deed, where she is forced to confront the unconventional choices she made as a young mother and the ramifications of those choices. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s ‘The Lost Daughter’ New Poster With Release Date Announced.

During an interview with Deadline Maggie Gyllenhaal told that “When I finished reading Elena Ferrante’s The Lost Daughter, I felt that something secret and true had been said out loud. And I was both disturbed and comforted by that. I immediately thought how much more intense the experience would be in a movie theatre, with other people around. And I set to work on this adaptation,” she said. “I find that the script has attracted other people interested in exploring these secret truths about motherhood, sexuality, femininity, desire. And I’m thrilled to continue my collaboration with such brave and exciting actors and filmmakers.” Dakota Johnson Wondrous In The New York Film Festival premiere of The Lost Daughter

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The Lost Daughter will release in theaters on December 17 and Netflix on December 31. Share your comments on The Lost Daughter.


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