The Flash S8 will kick off with 5 ‘crossover-type episodes featuring superhero team-ups from across the Arrowverse

The Flash S8

The Flash S8 Crossovers with TBD Arrowverse characters will be included in The Flash’s five-episode extravaganza. CW CEO Mark Pedowitz said, “We’re talking about additional superheroes from the CWverse who will come together in each [of them] different episodes.” “It won’t quite be a crossover, but it will have a crossover-type feel when all these characters are introduced.”

The Flash S8

The COVID-19 epidemic has added a number of new safeguards and processes to the work of producing an episode of television in the last year, putting a lot of the broadcast industry into unfamiliar terrain. As a result of the epidemic, several television mainstays were reshuffled or canceled outright, including The CW’s Arrowverse crossover, which typically brings together the presently broadcast series from the DC Comics-inspired world in a multi-episode event. With many parts of television production returning to normal, some have speculated that a new Arrowverse crossover might be in the works for the next 2021-2022 season.

Now it appears like we’ve got our response. The CW president Mark Pedowitz announced to members of the press on Tuesday that five forthcoming “event” episodes of The Flash, which will premiere in the autumn, will contain guest appearances from characters throughout the Arrowverse. While no specific guest actors or characters from existing or new programs have been announced as of yet, Pedowitz promised that the episodes will have a “crossover-type feel.”

The Flash S8

The Flash S8, Season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow, Season 3 of Batwoman, Season 3 of Stargirl, Season 2 of Superman & Lois, and Season 1 of Naomi are just a few of the new and returning DC Comics series that will air on The CW this year.


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