The Gray Man Sequel and a Spin-off is in Development at Netflix

The Gray Man Sequel and a Spin-off is in Development at Netflix

Netflix’s The Gray Man sequel and a spin-off is officially in the works. Ryan Gosling will be returning to both the sequel and the spin-off. Joe & Anthony Russo will be directing and producing with AGBO’s Mike Larocca and Roth Kirschenbaum Films’ Joe Roth and Jeffrey Kirschenbaum.

The Gray Man

Speaking to Deadline, Joe Russo told The Gray Man will create a new universe. he told “The sequel will be inspired by the Mark Greaney novel. Translating from one medium to another often requires interpretation, but we have an incredible amount of source material from an amazing offer. We’ll draw on that for the sequel.” he added “Wernick and Reese will write the spinoff and we’re going to do something a little more edgy and experimental with that.”

Netflix’s The Gray Man follows, Senior CIA official Donald Fitzroy visiting a convicted murderer in prison. He offers the murderer his freedom in exchange for working as an assassin in the CIA’s Sierra program. The murderer agrees and takes on the codename of Sierra Six. The film’s production budget is $200 million, which is the most expensive film ever made by Netflix.

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Following the release of The Gray Man, it debuted as the No. 1 movie on the streamer in 92 countries and got a 91% Rotten Tomatoes audience score, Netflix might have the 007-style spy franchise it was looking for and paid over $200 million to blow up Prague in Gosling’s mano a mano match against Chris Evans.

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