The Invasion Mode in Doom Eternal has been removed and replaced with Horde Mode

Invasion Function, a planned post-launch mode that would let you invade other players’ games and control foes, has been replaced with a single-player horde mode, according to Doom Eternal developer Id Software. Invasion Mode was intended to be a Dark Souls-inspired feature, but given the present production structure for so many studios, it felt overly ambitious.


Id Software has instead focused its efforts on the new horde mode and an impending redesign of the multiplayer Battlemode, citing unforeseen implications from the continuing coronavirus pandemic and the studio’s shift to a remote work environment.

The Invasion Mode in Doom Eternal

In light of these considerations, we’ve chosen to shift our efforts away from Invasion Mode and toward developing a whole new single-player horde mode,” Id Software wrote in a blog post. “We’re optimistic that this horde mode will provide you with more of the variety and difficulty you want in the game.” In addition, the team is working on a Battlemode revamp that will include a more competitive, rank-based structure, as well as the number of gameplay and balancing tweaks, as well as a new map.”



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