The Matrix: Resurrections New Footage Screened At CinemaCon

The Matrix: Resurrections

The much-anticipated The Matrix 4, which is presently planned for release on December 22 in cinemas and on HBO Max, is one of the major 2021 blockbusters remaining on the release calendar that fans know very little about. With little under four months before release, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are back, along with a few new recruits, but the title and appearance of the film remain a complete secret. Until now, that is.

You can’t withhold that sort of knowledge from the people who are coming to see your movie, which is why Warner Bros. revealed at CinemaCon 2021 that the picture would be titled The Matrix: Resurrections, written and directed by Lana Wachowski. The new footage has appeared on CinemaCon

Thomas is Reeves and he’s having problems. He says he’s having dreams that aren’t quite dreams. We see him walking down the street with the green Matrix code. “Am I crazy?” he asks. “We don’t say that,” the doctor replies. Thomas is then sitting in a bathtub with a rubber duck on his head. He walks into a coffee shop and greets Trinity. “Have we met?” she asks as they shake hands.

Thomas is swallowing blue tablets at home. He looks up in the sky and sees a flock of birds flying around. He’s attempting to decipher it. He then finds himself in an elevator with a slew of people staring at their phones, and he glances up at the reflection of everyone staring at displays. The song “White Rabbit” starts playing about this time.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II appears as a figure that resembles Morpheus (shaved head, little sunglasses) and offers Thomas the red pill. He encounters a woman with blue hair and a bunny tattoo on her arm. We, the audience, are extremely familiar with this since it’s kind of like… The Matrix again?

Neo and the blue-haired individual go through a mirror. He’s sitting in a café. Then he’s with Abdul-persona Mateen’s in a really calm dojo on a lake. He adds, “The only thing that counts to you is still here.” “You’re never going to give up.” They start doing martial arts, and when Thomas strikes Abdul-character Mateen’s in the chest, he flees the room.

Thomas and the blue-haired individual are traveling by train. A sniper’s bullet is fired from afar and flies through the train toward them. There are a lot of action moments today that are chopped extremely rapidly. Trinity is disconnected from the matrix. Slow-motion of a blue-haired person jumping over a vehicle. Thomas is flinging shots across the air. A missile is fired at Thomas and Trinity by a helicopter, but Thomas changes course mid-flight and shoots it down by another aircraft. Then Thomas finds himself in an office with Jonathan Groff, who is dressed in a business suit. “You’re going back to the beginning,” he says. “It’s time to return to the Matrix.” The Matrix, which fades away, is followed by Resurrections.

The Matrix: Resurrections will hit the theaters on December 22.


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