The New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ movie is planned for 2022!

The New 'Dragon Ball Super'

The New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ movie version will be released in 2022! Akira Toriyama’s comment has arrived!

The New 'Dragon Ball Super'

The New Excitement From Akira Toriyama Revealed The big news that the Movies is currently in production. just confirmed for dragons ball fans that it will be amazing same as the previous movie. Akira Toriyama told fans to prepare that Goku Is coming with power-ups. The “Dragon Ball” series has long been a moneymaker for Toei, with TV anime, films, toys, and merchandise in the mix, based on a comic by Toriyama Akira that debuted in the “Weekly Shonen Jump” publication in 1984 and has sold 260 million paperback copies worldwide.

The New 'Dragon Ball Super'

The upcoming film is based on “Dragon Ball Super,” a sequel to the original manga, which premiered in manga and anime form in 2015. The first film, “Dragon Ball Super Broly,” directed by Tatsuya Nagamine and written by Toriyama, grossed $120 million worldwide after its release in Japan in December 2018. The New DRAGON BALL SUPER Movie will Hit on screens from 2022.


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