The Patrick Star Show: A New Sneak Peek Released The Series Premieres On July 9 on Nickelodeon

The Patrick Star Show: A New Sneak Peek

Everyone’s favorite sea echinoderm is getting his own spinoff series, in case you hadn’t heard! SpongeBob SquarePants‘ longtime neighbor and the best buddy are leaving his traditional under-the-rock residence to spend time with his sea star family! And, while there may be some retconning with Patrick’s family. watch the new teaser below

Patrick Star introduces himself by saying, “Hi, my name is Patrick Star, and I reside with my parents!” before slamming the door shut with his arm. Patrick’s look has evolved somewhat from his days on SpongeBob, primarily due to his wardrobe choices. The typically shirtless starfish wears a button-up Hawaiian shirt with a design that matches his signature shorts. His shorts, on the other hand, are different this time, with a simple purple appearance.

The open also shows Patrick’s mother, who is ingeniously making a steak meal entirely in a toaster. Another new character is introduced: Patrick’s camera-shy younger sister, who paints up the screen as a squid rather than a starfish. You could wonder why she isn’t of the same species as you. We don’t know what the solution is yet, and if Mr. Krabs’ whale daughter Pearl is any indicator, we may never find out. Finally, we see Patrick’s grandfather indoors riding circles on a scooter, which isn’t exactly ideal for home upkeep.

The Patrick Star Show: A New Sneak Peek

Before the title card shows, Patrick closes the performance by showing his room to the audience and screaming, “This is my show!” And, if you’re afraid that SpongeBob won’t make an appearance, don’t be. In the lower-left corner, a younger version of the Nickelodeon legend can be seen cheering Patrick on as he goes on his first solo trip.

Mr. Lawrence wrote the words for the Patrick Star Show theme song, which was written by Ego Plum (who voices Plankton on SpongeBob). Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield, and Nicolas Carr, who also acts as music editor, are among the series’ composers. Nickelodeon’s upcoming “Mega Music Fest Album,” which will be released on Friday, July 16, will include the show’s opening theme tune. The Loud House, Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, The Casagrandes, Side Hustle, and more will be featured on the 10-track album, which will be accessible on all major streaming platforms.

The Patrick Star Show will Premieres On July 9 on Nickelodeon


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