The Suicide Squad: Nathan Fillion As T.D.K./The Detachable Kid First Clip Out Now

The Suicide Squad: Nathan Fillion as T.D.K./The Detachable Kid

In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, be ready to see the most heavily armed supervillain ever. IGN has an exclusive trailer from the forthcoming DCEU film The Detachable Kid, which shows off Nathan Fillion’s character’s not-so-superpowers. And he is precisely who he appears to be. TDK is a meta-human who is also known as an Arm-Fall-Off-Boy; And that you have the “ability” to take/or disengage your arms and legs and control them. He made his first comic book appearance in 1989 in Secret Origins #46. And is also known as The Detachable Kid. check out the scene below

On a secluded beach, Harley Quinn and Rick Flag, played by Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman, confront an assault of gunfire. The Detachable Kid (or TDK) by Nathan Fillion tries to save the day, and it goes about as well as you’d expect. TDK isn’t a comic book character, but many believe he’s a reimagining of the early 1990s figure Arm Fall Off Boy. One thing we know for certain about Gunn’s Suicide Squad is that he had complete control over who he killed. I’m guessing The Detachable Kid will be one of the film’s first (and arguably most heinous) deaths.

The Suicide Squad: Nathan Fillion as T.D.K./The Detachable Kid

Fillions isn’t new to working on a James Gunn film. Slither, Gunn’s first feature picture, depicting a village besieged by extraterrestrial slugs, was their prior collaboration. (Savant will be played by Michael Rooker, who also appeared in the 2006 horror-comedy.) Fillion is the only person who can pull off a ridiculous supervillain. His self-deprecating humor meshes perfectly with Gunn’s startling sensibilities, and the result is a comic book match made in heaven.

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