The trailer for ‘The Forever Purge’ is intense and harrowing.

The trailer for ‘The Forever Purge'

The first trailer for the fifth and (allegedly) final film in The Purge franchise is just over two minutes long and packs a lot of punches.

The trailer for ‘The Forever Purge’, starring Ana de la Reguera, Josh Lucas, and Tenoch Huerta, is about a rogue gang that manages to kill after the 12-hour Purge cycle has passed. Like the rest of the season, the latest episode has plenty of intense scenes, one of which is reminiscent of Saw and some unsettling costumes and masks. Political issues such as class warfare and immigration will be addressed in the film, with Mexico opening its borders for a few hours to allow the newly-hunted to seek refuge.



The file was expected to be published last summer but was held back due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, as was the case for most ventures. The Forever Purge will be released in theatres on July 2nd, directed by Everardo Gout and based on a screenplay by James DeMonaco.



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