The Ultimate Supervillain Underdog as seen in ‘Marvel’s MODOK’

MODOK is a low-level supervillain, but Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt, co-creators of the new Hulu adult animated comedy that bears the Marvel character’s name, are hoping you’ll root for him since you, too, have had your plans to take over the world thwarted. Blum, well known for his work on “American Dad,” and Oswalt, the stand-up comedian, writer, producer, actor, and voice star of “Ratatouille,” “Happy!” and “The Goldbergs,” are executive producers and writers of “Marvel’s “MODOK” (Oswalt, who also portrays the eponymous character, was previously a recurrent character in “Agents of SHIELD”).


They’re hoping to break out from the conventional comic-book adaptation pattern by using their groundbreaking stop motion techniques and focusing a superhero program solely on a wicked, middle-aged genius.



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