Thor: Love and Thunder Review: Thor’s Journey Is Not Stopping

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Thor: Love and Thunder Review: Chris Hemsworth starring in the fourth sequel of Thor is one of the fabulous works of Taika Waititi. Thor’s cosmic adventure with the mystery of the God Butcher’s vengeance and stop him before it’s too late.

The film opens with Thor on a mission with the Guardians of the Galaxy, after the battle the Guardians drop Thor in a rehab center for improving his physical strength and quit drinking Athena, a Berliner-Style Weisse beer. In that place, Thor met Korg and they reunite, and then he workouts. In a few weeks, Thor is back to his normal form.

Thor: Love and Thunder New Clip Featuring Guardians of the Galaxy

In the next scene appears Jane Foster, who was suffering from cancer. She visits the New Asgard. In New Asgard, Mjolnir’s broken pieces are stored. When she closes the broken hammer, it senses Jane and she becomes Mighty Thor. Even though She was suffering from cancer so Thor’s power make her body strong and healthy again as long as she’s using that form but it drains her into her human form and make her cancer worse.

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Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher had an emotional story. before judging him he was evil we get to know Gorr was searching for his family and he want to meet the god Eternity after he lost his family because he wants them back. But no answer, so Gorr wanted to take revenge, he find out the sword ‘All-Black the Necrosword’ that can kill all gods.

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Thor finds out Gorr’s plan and he gets back to New Asgard, Norway (Earth), In that place Thor meets Jane and Valkyrie. Thor was surprised with Jane’s new form. Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie then plan to stop Gorr, they will go to the place of Zeus, but he seems mad and evil they end up fighting. Valkyrie took Zeus’s Lightning Bolt from him. The moment Thor finds out Jane was suffering from Cancer, whenever she’s using her powers it is killing her. Thor asks her to stop but she wants to help and being Thor is an escape to her from her sad reality. then they will move to the place of Gorr.

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Thor: Love and Thunder Ending

The climax has its own Taika-style battle, the battle between Thor and Gorr begins. But thor can’t stop Gorr, even Valkyrie tried fighting with Lightning Bolt. but he manages to fight back. Jane will destroy Mjolnir and she dies. Gorr is touched by it and decides he doesn’t want to kill the other Gods anymore. His daughter is brought back to life but he dies.

In the end, Thor and Gorr’s daughter will together for new adventures. The first post-credit scene includes, Zeus being angry with Thor and he sends Hercules to kill Thor and the second post-credit was Heimdall welcoming Jane to Valhalla.

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